Beyond Walls


God’s Church in God’s Realm is a church without walls. It is a place where the individual connects with the individual “God within”.  The presence of God Within is THE good news for us all. God’s grace, glory and Love are here, now and forever. These gifts are not just for some of us, they are for everyone. We don’t have to wait until we get to heaven to speak with God. We speak to him whenever and wherever we are. This is God’s Realm. This realm of God is ever-present and available to anyone who seeks to be with God and to have God’s presence with them.

There are innumerable benefits to being in God’s realm and there are costs. These costs can be summed up as follows:

  • We must give-up negative thoughts about ourselves and others
  • We must adhere to God’s first law; the law of Free Will for ourselves and others
  • We must become 100% responsible for our own inner dialogue which includes our fears, judgments and limitations that we have placed on ourselves, others and God
  • We must withdraw from placing our attention on those ideas of what we don’t want and turn to focusing on the highest ideals in every area of life
  • We must give up our lives as we have known them for the life that God Wills for us. God’s will for our lives is always amazing, wonderful and joyous.

There are many benefits to building a church without walls. Many of us in JoiHaven have felt alone in our sense of God’s call to us to be uplifting, positive and forward-thinking always. Now, as we expand God’s Church in God’s Realm we are meeting like-minded individuals from beyond our specific regions and are connecting in ways normally associated only with brick and mortar churches.

Our Church offers opportunities to its members beyond what a typical spiritual community can. These benefits are organic and equally available. These are naturally occurring benefits that enhance the church and the individual. Specifically we offer the following:

  • A dynamic web presence to the ministry of each member
  • Fundraising aid to raise awareness and resources for each minister
  • Opportunities to Lead in the area(s) in which the member shows passionate commitment

This conversation of a church without walls is an ever-evolving one. Please join us as we seek to individually and collectively express the power of building God’s church in God’s realm in YOU!