Happiness found in the Soul and Self

Today, we all struggle through the cutthroat competitors to find success and happiness. We strive to sharpen our minds so to match our competitors’ abilities to succeed. Let’s face it; we are all in a race that is leading the vast majority to the broad and spacious highway of destruction. (more…)

Optimistic Attitudes in Soul and Self

An optimistic or hopeful attitude in life will not only facilitate you to become conscious of your inner self, it also helps you to produce positive vibes that others around you will notice, which in turn facilitates you to live a healthier life with a prohibited mind and body. When you advance self-control, you will also develop strength of mind and character, which makes it easier to resist temptations that attempt to make you fall on your face. (more…)

Discover your inner self and soul

Self refers to our consciousness that guides our actions. That is to say, that the way our conscious mind reacts to the various situations of life all depends on our inner self. (more…)