Core Values

Core Values


Daily Prayer Circle

6 a.m. (EST) Daily Prayer Circle 7 days per week

10:00 p.m. Daily Prayer Circle 7 days per week

At the core of JoiHaven Ministries is our devotion to God. Devotion is the evidence of the first commandment, Love thy God with all thy heart all thy mind and all thy strength. Daily devotions at JoiHaven are opportunities for individuals to come together in a virtual environment for one purpose: devote one’s life to God.

The atmosphere is casual and the power of the Holy Spirit is nearly tangible. We enter into the space by dialing a conference line number and access code. We announce our presence to the facilitator, we are free to either pray openly or silently (or both). We adhere to a few simple core values. These are:

  1. We each go to God in our own way under the truth that we each have equal access to our Creator
  2. We are all equal in the eyes of God, so therefore there are no leaders or followers; only One God who is the leader of all
  3. As we each pray we refrain from the tendency to offer “counseling” or “coaching” or “advice” to others, as we rely on God as Source, and therefore show our faith that God is sufficient for all circumstances.
  4. The space is sacred and we each keep the holiness of the space by keeping background noises to a minimum by “muting” our phones and praying inwardly while others are praying audibly.
  5. If we enter the space after the prayers have begun, we will enter the space with reverence and humility.
  6. All are welcome regardless of their religion, culture or ethnicity.
  7. God is Love, and Love is THE way.

We offer our archived prayers for those who need prayer at times outside our established prayer times. For a list of archived recordings, click here.

Would you like us to pray for you? Click here and send us prayer request. We will be happy, and honored to offer your requests to God. Thank you.