Feed the Needy

Did you know? You can feed the Needy with a Song!

Love is the Universal Language of Peace. Its harmonies transcend the constraints of culture, ethnicity or geo-political constraints. When played singularly our love is translated into our Life’s truest Mission. When played in the company of others, these harmonies combined, make a symphony so powerful, it transforms the world.

 For those musical talents who ask the question: What can I do to make the world a better place, we at Bushnell Congregational Church have an answer: Feed the Needy with a Song”. This initiative in its 7th year has grown to be a movement of conscience. People of all walks of life are offering their musical talents to bring awareness and resources to non-profit groups everywhere.

Our venue, a beautiful sanctuary which is acoustically magnificent offers listeners and performers the opportunity to bring forth harmonies which lift the heart, mind and soul. Bushnell has long been the place for great talent, having been built in classic Georgian architecture by the top sound-engineers in the country; musicians often made it a point to perform at Bushnell for the pleasure of being in such a Sacred Space. Today, we offer spiritually-conscious artist the opportunity to do more; play brilliantly and transform the community at the same time.

Well-known as the“Center of Community”, Bushnell connects with non-profit groups throughout the area. “Feed the Needy with a Song” is an opportunity for musicians and non-profit groups to collaborate and collectively bring sponsors, fans, benefactors and others to share in a community effort to help others. Our initiative is raising money for the following non-profit groups (partial):

  • Bushnell Community Development Corporation
  • Prosperity Village
  • Bridging 8 Mile
  • Detroit Metropolitan Association
  • Bountiful Opportunities Group
  • National Faith Home-buyers
  • Interfaith Coalition

We have scheduled other workshops and concerts for the upcoming months where non profits, sponsors, business leaders and musicians will work together to create campaigns of all types to bring music and passion for our lives together in innovative ways. Check out our calendar for information on specific dates or contact us for information of joining us. Additionally you may log-in and join the conversation.