Free and Low Cost Tools


Is your church or other faith community looking for partnerships and support in fulfilling God’s Mission for your congregation or collective?

JoiHaven Ministries is a great connection to have. We offer new churches valuable resources to help raise money, awareness and resources of all kinds for use in the world.

Churches that are seeking:

  • Tools and other resources for spiritual teaching and discernment
  • Fundraising for Mission and Ministry
  • Technology Grants for teaching and learning to work online
  • Free and low-cost websites and website resources

JoiHaven also is looking to create local branches of JoiHaven prayer communities all over the world, making it possible to channel the power of God through many enlightened souls coming together to do the Will of God; which is Always, always good.

Are you a Pastor without a flock?

JoiHaven can play a leading role in the creation of an online congregation for you. Our E-Evangelism services may be perfect for new or transitioning clergy to build a network of people committed to a common cause. Pastors looking to JoiHaven can be assured of our ability to:

  1. Build a personal profile via social networks
  2. Create “buzz” around the creation and continuation of a Pastor’s online ministry
  3. Offer Network services for online ministries typically out of reach for most new ministries.
  4. Set-up ecommerce systems as a means of funding the new pastor’s ministry.
  5. Build consistent looking social sites based on brand, image, and message of the ministry
  6. Be of service to the new pastor and the growing parish

Raise money and awareness for missions and ministries of the church

Lay Leaders

Lay Leadership can be some of the most rewarding work a person of faith can do. Lay leaders are the front line of most faith communities offering, prayers, a kind word, and other action steps in building church or missional life. Lay leaders are important in JoiHaven as well. JoiHaven has numerous opportunities for lay leaders to become Social Entrepreneurs and get paid while making the world a better place to live work and play.  JoiHaven offers lay leaders positions in:

  • Fundraising in capital campaigns for missions and ministries for the faith community or non- profit groups
  • Active roles in online business that serve populations in need
  • Opportunities to link with like-minded people for common causes
  • Business opportunities to build socially conscious businesses throughout the world

If you are a lay leader consider working with like-minded people of JoiHaven.

Missionaries build at JoiHaven

Missionaries will find fertile ground upon which to build businesses that make a difference in the world. At JoiHaven we equip, nurture and grow missionaries and their organizations. The organizational structures could take the shape of non-profit, religious entity or only generally organized teams of people working together to feed the hungry, clothe the poor, and house the homeless. We are also building capacity to bring water and food to far reaching places around the world as well as teach others to care for themselves. Missionaries can request support in the form of grants, tools and resources, technology support and assistance or other aid.

Missionaries benefit in JoiHaven from leadership training in particular as one builds character, capacity and credit by working within the JoiHaven network. Look at existing ministries to find your place or create your own with our assistance. At JoiHaven we know each person has something special they are here on earth in this time and place to accomplish. It is our hope that every person on the planet get to experience the fulfillment of their Divine Purpose.