Fruits of the Spirit

ejABOUT EJ JOIER: EJ Joier is a Minister, Musician, Social Entrepreneur and Peace Advocate. Naturally intuitive, EJ began exploring the limitations of his sense of reality early in life beginning with transformational work of Werner Erhard, Neuro-linguistic Programming, Scientology and the School of Metaphysics (based in St Louis Missouri). Intrigued by the numerous and diverse perspectives offered in the area of the nature of reality and humanity’s role in the universe, EJ has continued to reach out to communities of varying beliefs and perspectives seeking to find commonalities in diversity and ways to collaborate in solving global issues.

The Work in Spiritual Prosperity began in 2010 with the founding of JoiHaven Ministries. JoiHaven opened up the possibility of focusing on the fruits of the spirit as a means to prosperity of all kinds, including financial.

Today EJ works with non- profit groups, churches and ministries as well as new and emerging social entrepreneurs on ways to bring practical spirituality into every aspect of life including business ventures. EJ serves in leadership capacities in a number of networks including, President and CEO of Incudigm Network, a Web Consulting and Social Marketing Corporation, Chief Operating Officer of Prosperity Village, Inc. a Non Profit Corporation, Pastor and Founder of JoiHaven Ministries a Non-Denominational Community Church, Board Member Detroit Metropolitan Association United Church of Christ and Executive Director of the National Initiative, “Feed the Needy with a Song”.

EJ’s work includes personal pastoring, public speaking, teaching, private consultations and group processes.

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