God’s Church

A new faith Community called JoiHaven: God’s Church built in God’s Realm.

The reference to God’s realm is intended to guide parishioners for years to come with the inquiry of where is God’s realm? And, what is God’s church? According to the planter, EJ Joier, the Holy Spirit spoke the words, build God’s Church in God’s realm, five years ago and some time of contemplation, He began to build the idea of exactly what these instructions might mean.

What has been discerned to date is that JoiHaven is a church that God is the head of and that the practices of the community must reflect this at all times. One adage that has been coined is “don’t micro-manage God”. Another is “if it is alright between you and God then it is alright with us”.

In a stressed out, over-worked world, we believe people are looking for real answers about God and spirituality that make a difference today. It is not sufficient for answers that do not apply to today’s issues. JoiHaven will provide the sacred spaces to inquire into the areas of life that people are longing to look into. Questions of equality, sexuality, culture, spiritual practicality will be explored. The question of is it possible to live a spiritual life in today’s world will also be explored.

JoiHaven serves populations in its community of Southfield, MI USA, and surrounding cities, as well as those around the world via is robust, and highly interactive websites. JoiHaven will use all tools at its command which will be formidable as its founder, Reverend EJ Joier is Director of a successful Internet Company, Incudigm, Inc.

JoiHaven over the past 3 years has served as a prayer community, offering prayer and devotion experiences to the public twice daily at 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. EST, US. The results of those experiences are included in the proposal that follows, though not directly spoken to.  In the past 3 years parishioners have shared that JoiHaven:

  • Has provided the most spiritually relevant experiences of their lives
  • Is an intimate, loving place
  • Is an important, in fact necessary part of their daily lives
  • Is exactly what working, busy people need to make their lives sane
  • Is a place that offers great, dynamic and relevant courses on Spirituality
  • Is truly a Spiritual and Religious Faith Community
  • Teaches Truth through Love