Life Changing Transformations

Personal Change in Self-Esteem Development

All human beings at one point in their life feel sad, alone and down in the dumps.
Because of the first sin, we all have to feel grief to make way for the feeling of happiness. Everyday all of us face challenges. It can be truly simple like the problem of your dog peeing in the couch, or may be serious like your brother facing a case for driving with the influence of alcohol. Whatever the case, problems still cause the feeling of sadness. Since there is no way you can get rid of life problems, I have put into words ways to make problems less of a burden.

You Are Not Alone

It will not help in anyway to be asking God questions such as “why does life have to be like this?” or “why do all people seem to be really happy while it seems that all problems have landed on my shoulder?” Questions like this will lead you to think that only you face problems. That, my friend, is not at all true. As I have said, each person in this world holds a problem of his own. Even kid’s face problems like how they could clean all the mess they have made or how they could convince their parent to buy them a pet. It is always nice to know that you are not the only person in the world with problems. Problems do not seem to follow only you. It goes the same with all persons. Thinking about people who face even bigger, more complicated problems will also help. It helps to think that, if compared to other people, you problems seem to shrink into an ant size one.

Optimism is the key

Problems must be analyzed effectively, rather than viewed as a headache waiting to happen. It will only make you feel as if there is nothing else it will offer you other than suffering, bad mood, and pains. Make personal transformations while looking at the brighter side of the problem. Think of the problem as an opportunity for you to grow. This way, they would not seem as if they are burdens but as blessings simply disguised as problems. It is a blessing in some ways. Take it as a challenge. Look forward to how it will help you in the future. Look at how much lessons it will be teaching you. Anticipate the day when you have finally reached the tip of the problem and finally have solved it. Keeping a positive mind will offer you support. It will be a stepping-stone into a better happier life with lighter problems, which are not actually problems but blessings.

Slow it down

Do not expect things do go as you planned it to because most of the time it would not. Do not think that problems can immediately be fixed because most of the time they cannot. It takes time. One needs to focus and stay determined to get ahead. Slow things down and take them gradually. Rushing things will only give you unsatisfying results and the feeling that you have worked for 5 days straight. Slowly look at the situation and try to fix it. Try to determine what went wrong and what needs to be changed or done. From there, work it out. Do what you think is right. If things do not go as you wish, deal with it. Do not back out, you have gone this far. Just remember that after all these, a feeling of happiness and satisfaction will reign in you.