The Spiritual Road Ahead

It’s time for a major perception and paradigm shift in our spirituality. We can see pieces of it happening all around us. Up until now, many people, whether consciously or subconsciously, have lived their spiritual lives future-focused. They’ve been building up to something that will happen “later,” or they’ll do “this” now so they can reach a “higher” spiritual level later. It’s time to shift that perspective and get away from a future-focus.

It’s time to recognize that NOW is our spiritual “future.” We are what we’ve been working toward. We’re not perfect, but the future was never about reaching perfection. We’re spiritually-focused beings with spirituality at the center of our life. Archangel Michael calls this state the difference between “becoming” and “Being.”

Being means you’re taking spiritual responsibility for everything in your life. It means our spiritual “childhood” is over and it’s time to recognize and accept our role as spiritual adults. Here are some of the key differences between spiritual childhood and spiritual adulthood:

Childhood: Believes someone else is supposed to have the “answers,” wants to feel “safe” and “protected,” believes spiritual “enlightenment” will happen sometime in the future, believes if you do the right things that everything will be granted to you, worried about not being worthy of spiritual enlightenment.

Adulthood: Will first look inside to their True Self for spiritual answers, knows there is nothing to fear and nothing to threaten harm because all is of the Creator, recognizes that enlightenment and ascension are continually unfolding as a natural function of this universe, and a spiritual adult knows he or she is a mighty spiritual Being that is a master at using the power of Creation.

Embrace these changes. Accept that we’ve been learning to stand on our own two spiritual feet. This shift in perspective is essential in order to reach Self-mastery. A Self-master always looks in

A Self-master always looks inside first for answers. The Self-master knows that their spiritual truth is theirs alone, and is part of their contribution to the Creator. The Self-master knows it is their job to convey that truth in every moment by the means appropriate for their current situation.

One other perspective that is vital for us as spiritual adults is that everything is of the Creator. This means that there is nothing to fear. As spiritual Beings in physical bodies we will indeed have preferences, and there will be experiences we’d prefer to avoid. As spiritual adults we recognize that these preferences arise from our ego, and our true spiritual Self will meet every circumstance with serenity.

The spiritual landscape is changing, and these changes will require us to be bold, direct, and active participants with responsibility for the outcome of our choices. It’s time to forge your own spiritual destiny instead of looking for one to be granted onto you.