Vision & Mission


According to demographic data sources, Southfield is a prosperous, diverse community of well educated, middle to upper middle class residents. These people are mostly leaning toward “spirituality” rather than religion but also believe in the importance of church life. The population of Southfield during business hours is nearly double that of the population on weekends as the city hosts a vibrant business community from small to medium to global class ventures.  In many ways Southfield represents what is possible for people of all backgrounds, living, working and socializing together. It is fitting; we believe, to place a church here in Southfield, MI that reflects the diversity of races, religions and cultures that are nestled comfortably adjacent to Detroit, MI, USA.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to co-create with God a world in which all people experience God’s grace and mercy each and every day of their lives. We see this world beginning in church, but branching out quickly to include, business, government and education.  We see new communities springing forth that reflect an expanded awareness of who God loves, which is far beyond present application of religious theology.  Our vision is a world that believers seek to demonstrate the “Love of Christ” everywhere in their lives, and where Love is the highest standard for living a life worth living.

Our Mission

We intend to create an environment for spiritual development for all who desire to become closer to God; regardless of race, gender, culture, sexual orientation or any other distinctions that tend to separate believers in God from one another. Where we use the term environment we will push the envelope on means and ways of worship to include gatherings of people wherever and however they meet. It is our belief that each time people meet, there is a unique opportunity for people to offer and receive God’s Grace; even (or especially) when people are experienced as different and unrelated to the norms of community. We envision our JoiHaven Ministries as a place where people will embrace diversity as a proving ground for “who is welcome at Jesus’s table” evidenced by our welcoming, embracing manners.