If you would like to volunteer your services, here are some things you could do.

  • If you are a minister, offer to speak. You’ll be able to do it from home!
  • Offer to pray or “treat.” You can do that anytime, and thank you!
  • Participate in the discussions after the talk.
  • Pass the word, particularly to people who are not near a church or have special needs.
  • Send us your valuable ideas to info [at] joihaven.com
  • Suggest musicians. (In fact, Send CD’s!!)
  • Offer to sing or play.
  • Create graphics and art for www.joihaven.com
  • Send articles, stories, and your spiritual experiences.
  • If you know of any staff ministers or practitioners who want a new venue, suggest that they might want to contact us.
  • Tell other ministers that we will be creating a list of speakers in the new future, and ask them to email info [at] joihaven.com about a speaking engagement.
  • Subscribe to the online newsletter, once it is created.
  • In fact, write articles and treatments for the newsletter.
  • Send legal photos that might be inspiring. In fact, send YOUR picture!
  • Send tithes or donations
  • Send an email with info about your church, and its activities, so it can go on our website as a resource.
  • Help in whatever way you can to unite us, so that we know we are all one.
  • Help to write for grants to cover the cost of the disabled members
  • Help us find new members
  • Pass the word that this is the church of choice after surgery
  • Send references
  • Help us network with important people,
  • Volunteer to help with live video production
  • Send software for live video production
  • Keep in touch
  • See, so there must be something you can do to help! This has to be the work of many, not one. One for all, All for ONE.

    To volunteer, please send an email to info [at] joihaven.com