We Believe

JoiHaven Ministries’ Core Strategy


The Power of Prayer and Devotion

Prayer is a powerful phenomenon that has been spoken of since the beginning of time. All faith traditions offer insights to how to pray, why we pray and what we can expect from prayer. At JoiHaven, we believe that anything is possible through prayer; and that the only limitations of prayer are generated by the individuals themselves.

The first step to accessing the power of prayer is to let go of our incessant need to control or direct God; and to ALLOW the presence of God to control and direct US. This may seem simple yet it can be the most difficult step for any of us to gain any traction on. After all, how does one give-up that which is innate in us from the beginning of life? We begin learning to direct and control our parents before we can talk. And the tendency to “need to control” continues in group dynamics from then on. At JoiHaven, we practice “giving up” each time we come into God’s Realm.  By truly communing with the presence of God we naturally lose our obsession with control. Over time, we experience a reverence and awe for our Creator that expresses in our devotion and subordination to God’s Will for us.

In JoiHaven we teach that each of us (must) goes to God in our own way. When we do then there is a “shift” that is felt by all when we go before God, present to God’s glory and majesty. To be naked before God in the company of others has power that can be experienced by all who are in attendance. We as communities of faith are accustomed to praying in public, yet we tend to direct those prayers in “acceptable ways” for the ears of the listening. There is a vulnerability that we will bridge in JoiHaven that is exposed when we seek to commune with God, witnessed by others.

We commit to praying to God in the company of others while those listening keep the “space sacred”. This sacredness is held by making sure that within ourselves (as we listen) we:

  • Establish and maintain our own connection to God
  • We listen to each prayer with the realization that the prayer is between God and the person praying ONLY.
  • We keep from judging anyone’s prayers and also keep from offering advice on what we have heard
  • We stand in the truth; that God within each of us is MORE THAN ENOUGH for any situation, individually and collectively.
  • We have found that the teachings of all the great religions point the way to gaining access to the JoiHaven Realm, maintaining that connection requires a dynamic (present moment) connection with God which proves itself within each of us.  We are actively Christian, and welcoming to all who Love God and the God within all of us.